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Getting life insurance should be a simple and low-pressure experience.

You may already know what type of life insurance you need and just want to compare quotes with the top companies.

On the other hand, maybe you’d like some help determining things like the type and duration of coverage, the appropriate amount of death benefit and which insurance companies to consider (and those to avoid).

Either way, our main focus is to make the experience as pleasant and informative as possible, with no pressure.

A simple, yet thorough process is how we get you results.

Our process is simple and it gets results.

We get a clear picture of your goals, the reasons you want coverage, and your specific circumstances (medical history, driving record, etc). That allows us to accurately quote the rates you should expect to pay – and – to recommend the insurance company that will give you the best coverage for the best price.

That might sound involved, but in most cases we do it in one quick call or with a short online questionnaire. The choice is yours.

Life insurance is not a one-size fits all purchase. Everyone’s situation is unique. We promise to guide you towards the options that offer you the best coverage at the best possible price.

Life insurance solutions tailored to your goals and unique circumstances

Everyone has their own unique reasons for seeking life insurance coverage. These reasons typically fall either into personal or business needs.

Personal Solutions – Family Protection  –  Income Replacement  –  Mortgage Protection  –  Estate Planning  –  Philanthropy  –  Divorce Settlement  –  Final Expense/Burial

Business Solutions  –  Key Person Insurance  –  Buy-Sell Agreements  –  Business Loan Collateral

COVID-19’s affect on new life insurance applications

COVID-19 has impacted many Americans’ ability to get life insurance, but recent developments have made more people eligible than were a few months ago.

After a long period of tightened underwriting, most insurance companies have relaxed their guidelines. That means that many people with health conditions that would have gotten them higher risk ratings, declined or postponed are now being issued new coverage.

We’re not back to pre-COVID days by any means, and things are still handled on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to chat about your options if you’re in the market for new coverage, considering replacing an existing policy, or adding more coverage to what you already have.

Danny Gallant

COVID-19 Life Insurance

The right life insurance solution is one that takes into account your goals, your unique circumstances and your budget.

-Danny Gallant, Owner & Licensed Advisor