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IUL provides stability in retirement

An IUL Provides Stability in Market Downturns

As people approach retirement, a big concern is gaining stability during market downturns. Accessing cash from traditional investments and selling stock can really hurt your portfolio, and put your principal in a compromising position. An IUL can provide stability in market downturns in a way that allows you to keep your higher risk investments stable.…
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Using an IUL for Long-term care

Using an IUL for Long-Term Care

Did you know you can leverage a Indexed Universal Life Insurance ( IUL) for long-term care (LTC) needs such as assisted living or nursing care? An IUL is a great way to provide a stable option for long-term care. There are few ways this can be accomplished. Long-Term Care Rider Some insurance companies offer a…
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FCC closes lead generator loophole

FCC closes “Lead Generator Loophole”

On December 13, the FCC closed the lead generator loophole with a set of regulations that make it more difficult for unscrupulous companies to harass consumers with unwanted phone calls and texts. The regulations will accomplish this by: Providers will have 6 months to become compliant, but many are ending the practice now, which should…
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Using Indexed Universal Life for Real Estate Investing

Using Indexed Universal Life for Real Estate Investing

One of the greatest benefits of Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policies is that they offer a “cash value” component. The cash value of an IUL comes from a portion of your premium payments, and grows based on the performance of a stock market index, typically varying between 7 and 9 percent. This allows for…
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Helping to ease your familys stress in the event of your passing

Helping to ease your family’s stress in the event of your passing

Help ease the pain of loss by keeping your household affairs in order Death is unavoidable, and the grief family members experience when a loved one passes can feel insurmountable. To add to that, if your affairs and household are not in order, loved ones have the added onus of tidying up affairs. Help ease…
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Why should life insurance policies be reviewed?

A life insurance policy review can accomplish several things. When properly done a review can uncover things about your existing coverage that you may not be aware of…and might not like. On the other hand, it can also serve to assure you that you’re properly protected. A lot of people I talk to on a…
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Tandem wingsuit jump...what could possibly go wrong?

Involved in extreme sports? Here’s something to consider

Base jumping. Heli-Skiing. If these words make your heart race, you’re not alone. The interest in extreme sports and extreme fitness events both nationally and internationally has skyrocketed in the past ten to fifteen years. Take for example Tough Mudder, the popular “warrior” style obstacle course. In 2010, the organization hosted just three events in…
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Life insurance when you're young

Life insurance while you’re young

Buying life insurance while you’re young and healthy might not be at the top of your list, but maybe it should be. You might not have anyone depending on you at this point in your life and think there’s no need for it. For most of us, that changes before we know it. Suddenly, you…
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Top 10 Life Insurance Mistakes

Top 10 life insurance mistakes

Here are the top 10 life insurance mistakes I see people make, in no particular order. Shopping for life insurance can be a daunting process. Where do you start? Who do you trust? What’s the process? Where do you get the best coverage at the best rates? If you have asked yourself these and other…
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Buy Life Insurance over the phone or online

Can I buy life insurance online or over the phone?

It may come as a surprise,  but you can buy life insurance over the phone, and often at a better rate than you can get from a local broker. You can buy just about anything online these days, from clothes to groceries to a new car. Life insurance is no exception, sort of. Buying life…
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