IUL vs Roth for Retirement

IUL vs Roth IRA for Retirement

An IUL and a Roth IRA can both be used toward retirement. However, they function very differently and are entirely different vehicles, so should be considered independently. What is a Roth IRA A Roth IRA is an investment vehicle. It enables you to make post-tax contributions into an account that can then be invested in…
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Using an IUL for retirement stability

Using an IUL for Retirement Stability

An IUL, or Index Universal Life policy, can help provide stability in retirement in ways your investments cannot. You can gain peace of mind by leveraging a few aspects of your IUL policy. This will help you weather market turns, illness, and unexpected expenses in retirement with peace of mind. Cash accumulation First, an IUL…
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IUl vs 401k for retirement

IUL Versus 401k for retirement

If you’re thinking through long-term investment opportunities, you may be wondering which investment strategy is better – an IUL (Indexed Universal Life) or 401k. Regardless of where you are in your investment process, both vehicles will help you grow investments toward retirement. But they are essentially different vehicles – one an insurance policy and another…
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