Helping to ease your family’s stress in the event of your passing

Help ease the pain of loss by keeping your household affairs in order

Death is unavoidable, and the grief family members experience when a loved one passes can feel insurmountable. To add to that, if your affairs and household are not in order, loved ones have the added onus of tidying up affairs. Help ease your familys stress in the event of your passing. Ensure your affairs are in order in the following ways:

  • Delegate Responsibilities: Assign someone you trust to adequately handle your affairs as your power of attorney, and name an executor of your will. This person should know your wishes and be capable of managing your financial and household matters.
  • Documentation and Organization: Keep important documents, including those outlined below, in a safe and accessible place and share this with your family. This includes insurance policies, bank account details, retirement accounts, and associated passwords.
  • Have an advance directive: Prepare advance healthcare directives that outline the details of your wishes with regard to medical preferences (life support, feeding tube, etc) in case you’re unable to communicate them yourself. Laws regarding advance directives vary by state or country, so it’s crucial to speak with an attorney to create these documents according to your state regulations.
  • Review beneficiaries: Ensure beneficiaries are current in all relevant policies.
  • Purge your home of unwanted items: Your family will have a hard time and may feel guilt and remorse throwing away things that may have been meaningful to you. Do an annual deep cleaning of your home and make choices of what to give away to make this process easier for them.
  • Life Insurance: Keep life insurance for after your departure (or utilize a policy that will allow you to access cash in life as needed). Having a life insurance policy ensures financial support for your family after your death. It can cover funeral expenses, mortgage payments, and ongoing living expenses. Feel free to contact me to speak more about this.

Be open with your family about your wishes and preferences. Having an open dialogue with family will help ensure all your wishes will be respected in your absence.